Essay: Josquin between 1503-1504

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Between 1503 and 1504, i.e. during the Italian renaissance, V, who was an arts patron, was Josquin’s employer, but he, Josquin had served King Louis XII till 1503 after which Duke Ercole I ofFerraraemployed him as a composer in the chapel.

Among the most famous compositions he wrote while at Ferrera like the Savonarola and Virgo Salutifer among others. He leftFerraraafter a plague outbreak in 1503 summer.

From Ferrera, he went to his home area in Conde-sur Escaut where he became a provost of a church in 1504, May 3rd. whereby he established a large music career which he ran for remaining life time. his fame spread vast most in the last decade of his life and this was aided by the technological advancement such as printing, among them is the masses which was published three times in 1502, , 1504 and 1514 by his publisher, Petrucci (Boorman, Stanley1990, pg. 365-369) before he died, he required to be considered as a foreigner of Conde and this reveals further that he was French origin

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