Essay: Jerusalem the Focal Point

15 Oct

Essay: Jerusalem the Focal Point

Sample Essay

He supports the teaching of children songs like the militant one which has the words: when I wander into Jerusalem I will become a suicide bomber (Walsh 2001). Therefore we can see that Jerusalem is the focal point on any militants who want to recruit volunteers for their various terrorist acts. This goes on to show that there was an urgent need for immediate cooperation among the EU states which generally support Israel and its right to exist.

Among the other steps, the EU came up with was a common definition of terrorism as well as the list of terrorism groups and an EU arrest warrant in order to enhance the tools to investigate the financing of terrorists and the measures for strengthening external Europe border controls. The March 2004 terrorist attack of Madrid by use of bombs brought about a greater sense of urgency and gave added reason for the increased EU initiatives which are aimed at enhancing improved travel document security documents security and impending terrorist travel (Walsh 2001).  In addition, in the wake of these attacks was created a position of counterterrorist coordinator. The main responsibilities of the coordinator are to enhance the intelligence sharing among the Europe’s countries (Wardlaw et al 2006).

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