Essay: Jack the Narrator

Sample Essay

However, it should be noted that irrespective of the number of crimes the two characters committed, they are good examples to any body who wants to succeed in his or her future endeavors. As Jack, the narrator puts it, “Both of us were good at what we did”. This shows that everything they did, they did to perfection. The fact that Bobby could do anything to win the love of her life, Rikki, is also a proof that there should be no barriers when one is determined to achieve anything in life.

It is also of paramount importance to note that despite all the immoral actions they did, they were human as it is evidenced by the fact that they felt that they have lost when Rikki traveled to leave them. They had grown fond of her showing that they as well had human feelings. The two characters were too hard working for they did not have any room for failure. Bobby could “whip moves on those keyboards faster than you could follow, punching his way through some of the fanciest ice in the business”. He always had to work so hard to make it in achieving his plans. Just like any other person, the two hackers worked hard and were “happy to have the rent covered and a clean shirt to wear”.

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