Essay: The issue of Colonization of the US

2 Jan

Essay: The issue of Colonization of the US

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The colonization of the American states where the Indians resided put the relationship between the Whites in the region and the Native Americans at disarray. Many talk and peace negotiation were attempted in order to bring reconciliation between the two population, but the wide gap and beliefs pertaining to their religion and cultures made the reconciliation between the two populations almost impossible. The native Indians though of the Whites as imposters, while the whites were bent on limiting the residence and the land of the ‘wild’ native Indians. This resulted in aggressive and active hostility against each other from both the parties.

The battle of the Wounded Knee however has imminent significance in history as it attempted to and very nearly destroyed a whole tribe of native Indians, resulting in the loss of the culture and the religion of the Ghost Dance. “The Wounded Knee Massacre, according to scholars, symbolizes not only a culmination of a clash of cultures and the failure of governmental Indian policies, but also the end of the American frontier. It did bring an end to the Ghost Dance religion” (Ligget, 1998)

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