Essay: The Israeli Palestinian War

17 Oct

Essay: The Israeli Palestinian War

Sample Essay

The Israeli Palestinian war is the most significant event in the Middle East when it comes to detecting nationalism in both countries. Determination to attain self national status and the crave for independence together with the insurmountable hatred for each other on religious line for instance, triggered the Yom Kippur and the six day wars (Kamrava 2011 p. 56).

Both nations feel that their neighbor is occupying the territory that does not belong to them. The Jewish settlement in the Gaza strip has triggered a very aggressive reactions from the Palestinians sparkling missile attack on Israel with the latter launching several military ground attacks resulting in massive loss of lives and property for both parties (McCannon 2010 p. 168).

Arab nationalism has infiltrated deep into Palestine. The need to have an all Islam region of Palestine is a move to eliminate the small Jewish state of Israel. This perception from a religious perspective has encouraged Israel to hang on it military prowess to defend its territory (Dona 2008 p. 38). These religious wars have existed ever in the region making it so unstable.

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