Essay: Israel the representative of western powers

17 Oct

Essay: Israel the representative of western powers

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Palestinians have always seen Israel as a representative of the western powers specifically the US in the region. This notion has it that the US is interfering with their ways of governance and lifestyle in general especially on their national policies. It is arguably true that both temporal and permanent interests of the Americans have encouraged Palestinians to oppose the presence of Israel. First, Americans were in charge of the Middle East when the state was established (Dona 2008 p. 24). Secondly, Americans promised to exchange democracy with oil in deal presumed that the Arab world would benefit. This was over run by the fact that Arabs had a very strong monarchy that resisted democratic forces.

A declaration by the Muslim world to re-establish a single dynasty (Islamic Ummah) has been received by Israel as plot to wipe it out of the Middle East map. This has mad the small country commit much of its wealth to war to protect its territory and trying to expand what they already have (Kamrava 2011 p. 67). By so doing, Israel will be able to selfishly guard its people and the economy against any external forces thus gaining more control of the regions affairs.

The conflict is a good example of major obstacles towards attaining globalization any time soon. Nationalism has it that nations should remain strictly independent and enjoying any benefits from whatever source in a bigger way. Many countries are involved in cold wars despite their calls to form a global family, this again is proving the dream of globalization more apparent than real. Nationalism thus provides no room for globalization since it has lost it salient role in the modern world.

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