Essay: Isolation of Syria and Iran by other Arab countries

11 Oct

Essay: Isolation of Syria and Iran by other Arab countries

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Following isolation of Syria and Iran by other Arab countries mean the countries were left with a very limited breathing space through which they were support their economies. This reflected a very severe damage to their economies as trade between them and other Arab nations was not possible. According to Goodarzi (2006, p. 79), the two countries opted not to back down but rather forge a political alliance that as they would believe, save them from their tribulations then. Further sanctions by the United States worsened the situation with both countries choosing to remain united instead of giving in.

The United Nations Security Council further inflicting a lot of economic bleeding further sanctioned Iran implying that survival of the two was much limited. With all then hurdles, the alliance seemed still very far from breaking with both countries employing several mitigation measure to relieve the burden. First, the countries decided to continue negotiating with the united nation on ways to lift the sanctions against Iran (92). This would probably allow one member to assist the other in stabilizing its economy. For instance, Iran would allow Syria to sell its goes through its market hence ensure survival. This is another indicator of how this alliance is far from weakening. Mutualism in any alliance is evident in this case where both Syria and Iran have collaborated continuously and emerged even stronger.

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