Essay: Iraq War

15 Oct

Essay: Iraq War

Sample Essay

Basing on Iraq’s war it comes out clearly that due to existence of resources United States wins any war that it starts however much is spend on it (Jimmy p.209). Currently, I agree that economic power is much more important than military and that is the path where United States is headed. Why? “If you are not with us, you are against us.” Those are the words of President Bush during the time when Germany and France conspired with Russia in trying to undercut efforts of United States to go to war with Iraq. Also, allies saw United States to be in need of humiliation since they were dangerous and needed to be tamed. In order to be treated better, Americans who were traveling in Europe learned to insult President Bush.

But, come the year 2005, President Bush learned from the experiences and began amending fences showing a rejection of “if you are not with us you are not for us.” The Obama’s president election depicted that United States has rejected the former approach and is now engaging showing that the wrong approaches which might be used currently will be removed paving way for perfect hegemonism The Iraq war is associated with huge successes in power politics in United States of America (Jimmy p.212). After the war, the people of China accepted that United States had depicted total dominance in world politics.

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