Essay: The Invasion of the British into the American Soil

17 Oct

Essay: The Invasion of the British into the American Soil

Sample Essay

The history of America is wide and diversified. It dates back to early eighteenth century when the English man invaded the land of peacefully living Native Americans. This resulted from the need of interactions of the Americans with the other nations in search for markets and land for raw materials of their industrial goods especially after the discovery of Gold. The invasion of the British in to the American soil lead to the colonization of the United States by the British government which was more significant Britain won the seven year war. Among the leaders who lead to this great success by the British government was the Prime Minister William Pitt who never said die till he accomplished his goals.

One of the most significant strategies that the British government practiced on their thirteen colonies was imposition of different kinds of taxes in order to cater for the heavy debts incurred during the war and other defense expenses. These policies were always received with a lot of opposition by the Native American whereby this was the most significant stage of revolution in the American history. Furthermore, this revolution was accompanied by several battles and creation of the constitution from the articles of confederation. The revolution is evident up to date as the constitution amendments continues as it appears in the bill of rights.

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