Essay: Internet Key Exchange

12 Oct

Essay: Internet Key Exchange

Sample Essay

The internet key exchange (IKE) security protocol is used along IPSec platforms that assist in providing faster encryption and authentication of IP packets. Although IPSec can be useful without internet key Exchange, IKE enhances IPSec to have additional features, easy of configuration and flexibility. Therefore, IKE can be seen in terms of hybrid internet security protocol that is useful to implement Darkle key exchange, ISAKMP, and Skeme (Jeffrey, 2000; International Association for Cryptologic Research, 2010).

 IKE has various benefits when utilized by user or developers. For instance, facilitate peer`s dynamic authentication; enable IPSec to give services regarding anti-repay; facilitate changing of encryption keys to change while IPSec sessions are ongoing; eliminate requirement that IPSec security domains be specified in crypt map for both peers; and finally, enables the user to specify IP security protocol security association for life time (Philip and Marc, 1997).

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