Essay: International HRM

17 Oct

Essay: International HRM

Sample Essay

However, the American competent model for international HRM purposes contains such vital components such as roles, Dictionary of competencies and Organizational positions. Whereby there are a total of five (5) roles identified necessary for HR person to perform in the transformed work environment that are leader, advocate, change agent, business partner, and Human Resources expert. Dictionary of competencies includes a variety of competencies that are vital and primary requirement for the HR professionals to assume the roles identified by the model.

These competencies included in the dictionary not only are important for individual performance, but also reflects the competencies required to satisfy organizational performance needs.

Therefore, this focus of competencies generates a link between individual and organizational competencies necessary to enhance business. The third component of the competency model includes the Organizational positions which reflect the required organizational work setting and competencies. This solves key questions and conflict of interest in developing the organization’s competence management model (Hamel Prahalad 2000; Mirabile1985). Which is evident that in the process of developing the Competency model, the new roles require new descriptions or titles. Therefore, the component of organization positions categorically settles the conflict that can possibly arise in the process of assigning new roles.

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