Essay: Intellectually Based Behaviors

17 Oct

Essay: Intellectually Based Behaviors

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Furthermore, it should be noted that the attributes an individual exhibits are morally based behaviors which are important drivers of behaviors but difficult to measure, whereas intellectually based behaviors are competencies or capabilities. Therefore, competencies or capabilities as intellectually based behaviors are distinguished from morally based behaviors as they refer to development behaviors useful in improving behaviors in how people undertake particular tasks or jobs assigned to them in an organizational context.

Belasco Ralph (1993) formulated the link between competence to perform and competency; in his linking, he identified that competency is personal skills or how the individual behaves and personal characteristic such as knowledge, motives, role and traits. On the other hand competence is what an employee is required to do the job activities or tasks. The interconnectedness between these two correlated functions of HRM should lead to performance of the individual.

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