Essay: Instilling Technological Skill in Schools

17 Oct

Essay: Instilling Technological Skill in Schools

Sample Essay

Crucially, schools should take a leading role in instilling technological skill to the learners to be updated with the latest technology to useful to the society where the practice and art of performing is through technology. By doing this, the graduates shall be posses required technology to meet job and career development needs.

However, assessing the current wealth of school technology and needs should “gap assessment” (Glick, Kupiec, 2001, p. 218) be the initial steps towards organizing and managing school technology. Therefore, school technology plan is necessary to guide the entire processes. Key to success is through collaborative working with other human capital within institution; as a result, the creation of technology committee shall prove to be useful and good starting step, since the commit shall strategize to make the process participatory and involving oriented. Because as education is learner oriented, so should technology introduction to school. It is necessary to involve and the participatory of school stakeholders: student, staff, teachers, parents and education officers or administrators in the innovation rather than impose technology to the school community.

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