Essay: In-Service Education Program

17 Oct

Essay: In-Service Education Program

Sample Essay

This program aims at giving those already working an opportunity to build their credentials while still working and it is characterized by breaks from work for short durations. It gives professionals room to gain more skills and knowledge in certain specific fields and is doable at regional, national, or international levels (Porter et al. 2001, p. 71). In-service education arrangements give adults an easy time considering they have other non-professional roles to play like taking care of their families or having free time. This also gives room for research and inventions since they are separate from usual working.

The other facility available for adult employees is distance learning. This facility is powered by technology in such a way that techniques such as satellite broadcast that ensure delivery of top quality academic programs (73). Employees can manage to acquire knowledge and skills while at places of work since teachers are engaged with them online and at their convenient time. Latest information is also passed on the earliest giving an employee ample time to familiarize with them.

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