Essay: Information on the internet

15 Oct

Essay: Information on the internet

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Unfortunately, without adequate compensation being paid out to those who create the material on the web, the quality of the information and the news will continue to erode   or it will be accessible to only few people who will be able to pay for it. The solution here would come from having every ISP pay content license fee which can then be passed in whole or in part to the consumer. After this, these funds can be forwarded  to a new division  within the copyright office operating under streamlined  procedures  and stripped of some of the tiresome and costly procedures (Sorce 129).

These  have for example in the case  of compulsory licensing of distant television signals and internet radio, made the collection of what copyright owners are entitled to if not more, expensive than what is received. The copyright owners who decide to participate can agree to submit records of their digitalized download  records  to the designated copyright office ,  but after the  cleansing of those files in advance of any information which would identify who used which information/ content.

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