Essay: An individual’s development process

15 Oct

Essay: An individual’s development process

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We have seen that we cannot explain the development process of an individual just from a biological point of view; this extends to his/her psychological, social-emotional and spiritual development. This approach is not due to pedagogical reasons but it is necessarily so because a human person is by nature a body-mind-spirit reality. All the three aspects lie in his/her being as such. We have seen the contrasting theories of Freud and Erik Erikson. In my opinion, both theories are valid in their own peculiar ways.

I take this position because they all share a common ground: that a failure to live one stage fully sabotages all the other stages. Indeed, an individual who does not explore fully one stage, like in the case of Freud’s anal stage or Erikson’s initiative versus guilt stage then one is not expected to perform normally in the subsequent stages like in the phallic stage or industry versus inferiority stage respectively. In such instances one will have a deformed kind or personality development. We have also seen from Maslow’s theory that failure to fulfill other needs may lead to a deformed personality. If one is not well fed, loved, affirmed or self-discovered then it will be almost impossible to realize self-actualization.

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