Essay: Possible indicators of an adult with ADD/ADHD

18 Oct

Essay: Possible indicators of an adult with ADD/ADHD

Sample Essay

                   Adult encounters problems in occupation as well as career, in most cases changing profession.

  1. Experience difficulty in perfection of activities/ assignments at work or academics.
  2. Difficulty in maintaining smooth relationships.
  3. Continuous feeling of stress and frustrations
  4. Engaged in a number of issues at the same time.
  5. Has problems meeting promises and other commitments
  6. Frequent review of plans and establishing new ones.
  7. Has limited self-control.
  8. Spontaneous behavior patterns.
  9. Cannot manage boredom
  10. Impatience.
  11. Easily angered.

Criteria in diagnosing ADD/ADHD

The following factors should be given consideration during diagnosis process

  1. whether the symptoms are problematic to the individual at work or school
  2. When the symptoms were identified, i.e. they must have been present during childhood as opposed to emerging symptoms during adulthood.
  3. The period of time the symptoms have been in existence. This should be at least six months before.
  4. There should be a multiple settings of the symptoms.

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