Essay: Indeterministic Causation

30 Nov

Essay: Indeterministic Causation

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Alicia Juarrero has an example worth of illustrating the concept. The context-sensitive constraints like dealing cards in a card game. The game starts out with 5 players: Player one has 4/52 chance of getting an ace, If player one has an ace, player two has a 3/51 chance. If player 4 gets last Ace, player 5 has no chance of getting an ace. In this case as it can be inferred, the history of what happened matters in context-sensitive constraints and is clear that one player is always denied the ace.

While on the other hand, Schaffer has another useful magical example which also relates to chance. He states, imagine that Merlin casts a spell with a 5 chance of turning the prince and king and not the queen into frogs, that Morgana casts a spell with a  (probabilistically independent) 5chance of turning the queen and prince only and not the king into frogs. After both cast their spell the outcome reflects that the prince and king but not the queen, then turn into frogs. This presents the case like the earlier on, the case of overlapping since the effects intended by Merlin and Morgana overlap in the sense that both the sorcerer and the sorceress are both trying to turn the prince into a frog. Thus, the overlap is partial.

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