Essay: Increasing Gap Between Rich And Poor

25 Nov

Essay: Increasing Gap Between Rich And Poor

Sample Essay

It is believed that the rich become richer every day and the poor on the other hand become poorer; and funny enough the poor are more prone to imprisonment. It is believed that crime and the laws regulating the very crime are actually an indication of power struggle. The argument advanced in this respect is that the legislative process is run and directed by the rich and as such they propose laws that are detrimental to the poor.

Above all, the legislation accorded by the rich aims at safeguarding their malicious and egoistic interests. The laws that the rich implement ensure that they outlaw any behavior that could jeopardize the rich together with their property. Indeed, considering regulations with respect to vagrancy, arbitrary trespassing (caveat emptor), and all other forms of theft are indications of the direct ways that the rich safeguard themselves against damage of the property. There are other social evils that occur such as rapes and murder but if the rich are involved there is demonstrated reluctance by the law enforcers in apprehending them; while if such social evils are committed by the poor, this is the moment when one will see the law enforcers in their true colors. It is also believed that the rate of crime rises due to lack of rightful opportunities for the poor that might improve their economic conditions. As such, it is observed that unless inequality and exploitation is eliminated in the society, crime will persist.

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