Essay: Increased competition and uncertainty

15 Oct

Essay: Increased competition and uncertainty

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According to Lashley, (1999) because of global economic changes there has been increased competition and uncertainty, the firms have to be flexible in employee resourcing and responding to customers. The human resource managers must use methods that give them flexibility to employ employees to respond to variations. This type of employment helps the organization to cut on direct labor cost and provide flexibility for employees and employers.

One of the possible negative characteristic is that dispatching workers have a limited relationship with hotels in which they will work ensuing in low trust and low commitment. These might, in turn, lead to disagreement between direct-hire and dispatching workers, and between management and employees (Kalleberg, 2000). Another likelihood is that it is more expensive to manage the outsourcing activity than initially expected, so that the goal of cost saving is not achieved (Albertson, 2000).

The tendency towards flexible working has become inevitable in such a fluctuating environment (Purcell & Purcell, 1998), and dispatching is one of the arrangements, which are prone to be a permanent dynamic of the hotel industry in the future. While becoming more popular in Taiwan, but there is no rule of the process at the time of writing. There is an argument that it is essential to regulate dispatching employment, because of the complex triangular employment relationship between dispatching company, dispatched worker, and the firm to which they have been dispatched (Kalleberg, 2000; Purcell & Purcell, 1998).

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