Essay: Increased cases of discrimination

14 Oct

Essay: Increased cases of discrimination

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Consequently, due to the increased cases of discrimination against these minority groups, the country has witnessed a resurgence in racially motivated harassment and violence in most institutions of higher learning that are directed to the students from the minority groups such as the African Americans and the Asian Americans. This has resulted to the emergence of universities and colleges that are predominantly white as the minority groups have shunned from applying for admissions in these colleges and universities (Kerstin, Raymond & Manze, 2008).

Since 1987, racist incidents occurring due to stereotypes and prejudices against the minority groups have been witnessed in the American colleges and universities. Cases of death threats, painted swastikas on walls depicting the minority groups as well as physical attacks have been experienced by the African American students as well as the Asian Americans (McBrien, 2005).

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