Essay: Improved social understanding of Autism

19 Oct

Essay: Improved social understanding of Autism

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Furthermore, the association that is between improved social understanding and greater peer acceptance, and specific cognitive processes has in most cases been found to occurring different measure among the children with social difficulties.

An example, the study done by  Dodge and Feldman (1990) found out that most low accepted children were highly prone to interpret  some of the ambiguous behavioral cues by other children as  hostile provocations.  this is Regardless of whether these children’s with the behavioral cue are the cause of poor peer relationships or even the consequence of them, this research however suggests that  most of the faulty social cognition is mostly associated with the presence of social behavioral and relationship problems that is in the child.

Therefore, because of the important role that is played by the social cognition in peer relationships, adding to behavior, focus has been increased in the past few years on using social cognition to be the indicator for social competence. At first, the theories that were used in the research studies on children’s social-cognitive abilities, most of them were largely adapted from the ones that were used in the studies of nonsocial cognitive development such as referential communication, role taking, and perspective taking.

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