Essay: Importance of supervision in the reflection process

14 Oct

Essay: Importance of supervision in the reflection process

Sample Essay

The students need supervision during their placement in order to acquire all the necessary skills and in a smoother manner. A good atmosphere is necessary during supervision to minimize serious distractions due to the clients.

John (2007, p.3), notes that effective supervision is necessary as it offers practical support, enhances the morale of learning process and also offers challenges to the students to be able to learn. Supervision is important in practice of psychology as it gives inputs in the following three areas; to begin with it provides technical support in practice to the students. As a result the student is encouraged to seek more knowledge on an issue and the end result is attainment of practical and reflective skills. Secondly, the student is able to apply the learnt theory into professional practice. This is also part of the educational or teaching process.

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