Essay: Importance of reflection

14 Oct

Essay: Importance of reflection

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Reflection practice that is applied in psychology works within the concepts of reflection. It accounts for a conceptional structure around which psychology as a discipline that involves patient management works. Reflection is important in identifying the positivity or negativity that is associated with any practice in any discipline. It helps a student to learn from experience in his or her field of expertise. Once they are exposed to a certain experience during their period of practice, reflective practice provides a chance for the student to think back and relate the experience to the theoretical knowledge learnt in class.

Various models are used which provide the framework for reflective practice. Among the most common are; Gibbs Model of Reflection which was formulated in 1988, Atkin and Murphy’s Model of Reflection of 1994, Kolb’s Learning cycle and finally the John’s Model of Reflection of 1994. Which the model you decide to apply or to follow its principles the end result should be acquisition of reflective practice skills. Reflective practice is an important tool in solving day to day problems. Its application in difficult situation and in ideas that are undeveloped to provide a concrete solution provides an opportunity for further analysis and dispensation of knowledge and skills. It further synthesizes emotions and provides time for sober thinking and development of solutions to difficult situations. However, to be able to develop these skills it is of importance to have a good atmosphere that is conducive to reflection. It is important to have an understanding supervisor who is able to take you through the process. Flexibilities in time are crucial and an environment that provides support in case any is needed. Finally, your learning institution should have a well structured curriculum which is able to encompass the above factors.

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