Essay: The Importance of Knowledge and Education

Knowledge acts like a glue, binding knowledge and learning together. We grasp a subject better because we have previous experience of it. It is very important in the lives of students, particularly in school. They would have difficulty reading the text if they lack relevant information. Modern education programs in industrialized economies are massive – in terms of numbers, institutions, and resources – but developing countries are catching up quickly as they build their own education system. Money is not enough to keep those massive networks running. Knowledge is the most valuable resource that school programs need in order to convert capital and infrastructure into the results that society expects. Modern society can no longer accept vast sums of capital being invested in an education system that fails to meet demands. Training, on the other hand, risks being another black hole in the public sector if it is not accompanied by information. Tennyson explains in his poem that the fact that an individual learned so much when they were young, they should not think that it is enough and resort to being content with it (Thomson, p.28).
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