Essay: Immoralities Associated with Male Prisons

17 Oct

Essay: Immoralities Associated with Male Prisons

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Prisons for male have come under sharp criticisms over a long period of time. Activities associated with thee facilities are morally unacceptable by many societies with other referring to them as satanic. Elijah (2008, p. 27) cites these behavioral as homosexuality (sodomy) and forced man to man sex. Therefore getting into one is by far damaging ones image irrespective of whether one encounters such problems on even whether they adapt them.

Anybody who happens to be branded an ex-offender psychologically struggles with brushing such perceptions away (28). Because there is not a single chance to do so to convince the whole society, these individuals usually succumb to isolating themselves and avoiding the public at all costs. Chances of these individuals getting into active employment are jeopardized since they are not interested in reintegrating with the public. For those that happen to unfortunately experience these acts, psychology has it that they will always feel different from the rest of the people again stigmatizing themselves even further.

Employers are equally victims of these perceptions. This can be illustrated by the tendency of more female ex-cons securing employment compared to their male counterparts (Elijah, 2008, p. 34)). Although this trend has been associated mainly with the ability of women getting back on truck and winning back more trust from the society, irresponsible moral behavior associated with prisons for males is also a potential associate.

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