Essay: Hospitality Industry in England and Nigeria

16 Nov

Essay: Hospitality Industry in England and Nigeria

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The hospitality industry in Nigeria has in the past done well and its good performance was previously attributed to the good economic progress, increased population in the country, the political stability and will to support the industry and the very strong support the hotel related schools and colleges offer to the industry (Baye 1998, p.3).

The support offered by schools and colleges in Nigeria to the industry include provision of very high class training facilities used and the high class expertise in the hospitality industry that the collages have been in a position to adequately train. The cheap availability of labor in the hospitality in Nigeria can also not be overlooked. In England, the ever thriving of the hospitality industry could be attributed to the political stability, the technological advancement that the country has made, the good strategic location of the country to other European countries and the sporting industry in the country.

            In both England and Nigeria, it is evident that technology has played a big role in ensuring that the pace at which the industry develops continues to be on an increase. None the less, the major differences between the countries at the two countries’ strategic advantages that gives them competitive advantages over one another. While Nigeria’s climate is always very conducive for European tourist during winter, England uses technology to ensure that the very cold winter weather does not ruin the performance of the hospitality industry.

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