Essay: Causes of Homosexuality; Philosophical Aspect

17 Oct

Essay: Causes of Homosexuality; Philosophical Aspect

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This sociological discussion that exclusively aims at explaining the causes of homosexuality in our society today is usually a philosophical tug of war with conflicting ideologies, yet by wholesome arguments of the words “essentialism” and “social constructionism.

In regard to explaining homosexuality, most scholars theorize causes of this social issue either from a social constructionist approach or essentialist approach. In regard to social constructionists, they propose that that people make a conscious, intentional choice of sexual partners or take an active part in constructing their sexuality (Jones and Yarhouse 2000). Theorization of constructionialism hypothesize that homosexuality is defined more by cultural context and temporal periods. Whereas Essentialism hypothesis bases on the claims that homosexuality is a construct that is both ahistorical and acultural a part of human civilization for all time.

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