Essay: History Of Physical Therapy Advancement

9 Nov

Essay: History Of Physical Therapy Advancement

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History of physical therapy from past to present it continues to be an expansive area in medical field. Historically, during 460 BC primitive physical therapy techniques were employed and applied in diagnosing, treatment and management of the patients. The traditional primitive techniques applied involved massage and hydrotherapy in treating patients, which was advocated by physicians like hector and Hippocrates (Basmajian, 2000).

It is therefore, from this primitive interventional approach in treating individuals with physical injuries that today techniques developed. America in 1924 witnessed a new dawn by formation of Physical Therapy Association organized by Mary MacMillan that today is popularly known as APTA (America Physical Therapy Association). This body (APTA) is vital organ in physical therapy related issues and development. 

In these historical periods, the commonly practiced areas of intervention to patients were in exercise, traction and message. The practice environment for therapists was only based on in – patient, but today has extended to out-patient accounting to over 63 percent (Basmajian, 2000, p.210). However, with time therapists moved to out-patent orthopedic clinics, schools, rehabilitation centers and genetriatic settings as opposed to hospital settings. This marked new beginning in expansion of the physical therapy area of operation and services diversity. According to ABPT (American Board of physical therapy), lists several fields that falls under physical therapy, but emphasize on six major ones that are universally accepted worldwide.

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