Essay: Historical Heritage

17 Oct

Essay: Historical Heritage

Sample Essay

Another considerable origin of the wars is the belief by the Arabs that from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arabian Sea, the people are bound together by common religion, culture, and other historical heritage (Anderson, 2006, p.21). This belief has made any other people not associated with the Arabs as foreign. Vehement aggressiveness by the Arabia nations to protect this territory has made it rough for Israel, which is a Jewish nation to survive (26).

Israelites fetch most of their arguments from their religion arguing that God gave the disputed territories to them after repossession from other nations that were ungodly (Michael, 2011, p. 77). Arabs on the other hand have retained to say that it is their ancestral land and cannot be taken away from them (78). The dispute is therefore very complex, as both parties a re not willing to relent on their bids to protect what they believe is theirs thus making the region more tumultuous.

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