Essay: High recidivism rates associated with male offenders

11 Oct

Essay: High recidivism rates associated with male offenders

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It is evidently true from Honka et al. (2010, p. 28) that men are the most notorious in reoffending in the UK. Recidivism is usually associated with sexual offenders, drug users, and inmost cases alcoholism. Analyzing these types of crime basing on gender, in is evident that they are highly committed by males (31).

These crimes have some of the highest recidivism rates in England as a whole with males obviously toping the chart. Most of the observed reoffending trends suggested that male offenders are more prone to readmission into prisons even before one year after they have been released. This concept has damaged the probably of the public towards re accepting male offender wholly back into the society, again subjecting them to another psychological burden of self-perception (33).

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