Essay: Hidley’s Uniqueness In “His Girl Friday”

1 Nov

Essay: Hidley’s Uniqueness In “His Girl Friday”

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Hildy’s uniqueness is emphasized when her toughness is compared with that of two other women in the film. One of the women is hysterical and thus a men’s victim while the other one allows herself to be exploited in order to win men but instead considered a prostitute. The reporters with whom Hildy works with have nicknamed her a male name, “Hildegard” (Hawks) since they see her as one of them.

They even ask her to join them in their game, poker game. With her struggles, she is able to make it even in tough situations. She is able to snatch Williams’ gun and lay a tackle on Colley just as a man could do. She is commanding in nature as she is seen demanding for a receipt or else she gives the receipt man a scar.

            Hildy is a female character who tries to break the traditional myths that tie women in their feminine roles. She is evidenced to be like one of the boys for her actions, which prove her toughness and competency. However she tries to be a more of a man to a woman, she is seen in most of the situations behaving like a woman. She likes her male colleagues to treat her like a woman, open car doors for her and light her cigarettes. Nevertheless, she is a heroine for her uniqueness.

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