Essay: Heterosexist Essentialism

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It is common wisdom that this “essentialism” or philosophical belief system in relation to sexual orientation, there is heterosexist essentialism which assumes an unmitigated dimorphism of hetero/homo-sexuality, sexuality implying that homosexuality is an immature or inferior developmental track of an individual. While the other essentialism relating to homosexuality is homosexist essentialism support on two premises that homosexuality is caused by behavioral and identitarian essentialism. Whereby, behavioral essentialist looks to homosexual behavior in other species for supporting the view that humans are born homosexual (Jones and Yarhouse 2000), while the identitarian essentialist looks back into history and sees those who commit homosexual behavior as being a homosexual or gay.  But, it can be rationally reasoned out that individual erotic preferences cannot be certainly be created solely by the social structural arrangements of the society, but, the society may have the influence in molding the behavioral manifestation of homosexuality. Whether an individual have inborn characteristics for homosexuality the integration of sexual preferences into a system of personal values, motives, and self-image very can be at a great deal require environmental historical conditions. In simple words, it is impossible to have a homosexual personality outside the concrete socionormative.

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