Essay: Hedonic and Desire Theories of Happiness

30 Oct

Essay: Hedonic and Desire Theories of Happiness

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Approach states that happiness is a matter of raw subjective feelings whereby happy life maximizes the feelings of pleasure and the pain is minimized. The judgment of happiness often differs greatly from the number of happy experiences (Seligman and Royzman, 2003).Hedonic adaptation is achieved through assimilation to current position in aim of achieving happiness. Hedonic adaptation has severe limitation on ability of changing life circumstances to improve long run happiness. Life circumstances seem not to hold creation of sustainable increases in happiness

Desire approach suggests happiness is a matter of achieving what one wants.  Individuals desire the best things that are pleasing and will subject individual to little or no pain. The ability to fulfill desire and achieve what is wanted contributes to one’s happiness despite the degree of pleasure or pain desire brings. Each individual has a choice to be happy since the desire to earn pleasures and achievements are dependent on the personal will. Positive psychology is often developed since the desire for achievement may result to right action and good character leading to individual satisfaction. Despite the satisfaction from one desire and achievements, value of happy life does not change much (Seligman and Royzman, 2003).

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