Essay: Healthy care organizations and bureaucracy

15 Oct

Essay: Healthy care organizations and bureaucracy

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Understanding of the health care organization is described as the process of discovering the insider’s perspective for a given situation in which a culture accomplishes its human ends, why the certain approach work for a specific culture and under what circumstances an approach works to achieve desired ends formulated to achieve for a greater common good. By studying and understanding the organization of the health care unit, it imply that there is increasing importance attributed to fact that changing the organisation significantly results to Improving quality care for patients.

In relation to understanding the concept of the organisation of health care, diverse care professional groups, patients and relevant stakeholders have different ways of understanding care organisations and care processes. This different understanding justifies the major reason for the gap between what ought to be done according to theory and scientific evidence and what is practiced in care organisations today that hampers innovative care work. Therefore, it is with this view in mind that this paper shall discuss the development of organization of healthy bureaucracy and delivery systems with UK system as an example for illustration.

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