Essay: Health Promotion-Anti Doping Policy

15 Oct

Essay: Health Promotion-Anti Doping Policy

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The objective of anti-doping was to protect risk of doping to health which not only undermined the value of sport but also human health, growth and development. The coded anti-doping policy state that each individual must be provided with appropriate direction and guidance. Other relevance of article states that each had to have his/her opinions taken into consideration in all decisions affecting a person. Each individual is entitled to be protected from abuse and neglect and to enjoy good health. Anti-doping is very necessary since each person is entitled with protection from illegal drugs and the right to be protected from exploitation (Houlihan, 2008).

The ethical foundation for anti-doping is the protection of the athlete’s health. Anti-doping control is necessary and is done to prevent damage from doping.  The anti-doping had endorsed principle of concern about the health of the athlete. When advocating for the need for anti-doping in sport, a strong claim seems to emerge from the values implied by the medical professional’s role and the proper role of medicine. The legal concept of medical ethical standards rejects doping methods because they are instances of medical intervention for non-therapeutic purposes. Medical ethical standards and practices today should only relate to preventive and therapeutic aimed with prevention and treatment of disease but bio-medical technology should not be used for human enhancement (Kayser, Mauron and Miah,2007). Current anti -doping policy is used legitimately with a therapeutic objective to increase the rate of repair of injury but not on medical need.

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