Essay: Hamlet’s Determination- Shakespeare

24 Oct

Essay: Hamlet’s Determination- Shakespeare

Sample Essay

Hamlet has been behaving like a mad person but this scene shows that he can control his behavior. He is even able to admire the calm level headedness of Horatio as he says, “Give me that man / that is not passion’s slave, and I will wear him / In my heart’s core, ay, in my heart of heart, / As I do thee” (58-60).

Although excited, he is coherent as he talks to Horatio for he behaves like he has gained all the sanity he has lost for long. The climax of his excitement is shown as he tells Horatio of the planned play. He gives Horatio the role of watching his uncle so that they can determine whether the ghost was real or not.

               Hamlet’s determination is seen for nothing can stop him from staging the play. Although ghosts should not be trusted, he sees some truth in the ghost’s words and thus wants to prove them through the play. He agrees with Horatio that they will judge the king as per his action during the play. The two want to watch Claudius carefully and later combine their findings to prove his guilt.

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