Essay: Green purchasing

11 Oct

Essay: Green purchasing

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Another important phenomenon that green technology advocates for, is green purchasing or environmentally prefered purchasing or buying (EPP) (Sobha, 2008, p. 104). It is estimated that we would need five earths to satisfy our needs if everybody else consumed like those people in developed world. Every manufactured product has a life cycle that it undegoes.

The metamorphosis involves manufacturing, transit to various destinations, utilization by the intended customers and eventually disposal or recycling for some products. Some products that can be purchased under the influence of green purchasing and are said to be environment friendly at all levels of their processing. They encourage conservation of water, minimize waste generation and release of pollutants. Products that are made from recycled material and at the same time can be recycled fall into this category. Others include biobased fuels like biodiesel, solar panels, windmills and many others that are associated with renewable energies. Purchasing such products is not only cheap but also energy efficient. Moreover, they have a negligible impact to the environment. Buying of such products is called green purchasing (Sobha, 2008, p.106). This initiative is aimed at discouraging the use of products that are considered unfriendly to the environment. Another controversy emerges from here. It is true that products considered unfriendly are the cheapest and the most readily available. It therefore becomes very difficult to persuade people to adopt green purchasing that will not only use much of their money but can deny them vital services since the goods may be unavailable.

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