Essay: Green chemistry

11 Oct

Essay: Green chemistry

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Chemistry is assumed by many now as the mother of planet and life. This philosophy has transmitted its effects to environment conservation meaning that much chemistry related applications could serve to conserve the environment. However, advancements in the field of chemistry have resulted into massive destruction of the environment. Green chemistry is believed to have been curved out from the ancient environmental chemistry. Each has a different meaning when it comes to environmental matters. Environmental chemistry seeks to explain the chemistry or chemical phenomena of the environment in its natural form whereas green chemistry seeks to disclose viable methods that can be used to minimize the production and use of substances considered environmental hazards (Geeta, 2007, p. 19).

Green chemistry mainly targets the industrial processes, a step that will not be received whole-heartedly by all stakeholders. There have been queries in the way industries synthesize, use, and dispose effluence. A good example is in Kenya, East Africa. Naivasha is known to supply slightly above 10 percent of worlds red roses. However, the industry almost suffered a blow when local authorities found that the farm was releasing it effluence into Lake Naivasha, a nearby freshwater lake causing massive and unprecedented death of fish and other marine animals (World Future Council, 2010). Such controversies show how important green chemistry is important despite its effect on the economy.

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