Essay: Green Architecture

17 Oct

Essay: Green Architecture

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By ensuring that a building consumes a small amount of energy saves a lot of energy, which can be used in other economical activities (Avato, & Coony, 2008, p. 193). A house with less wastes emanating from it will obviously save the burden of cleaning up the environment and therefore have many resources that could be used for similar cleaning projects. Coming up with buildings with such environment friendly characteristics constitutes to an environment sensitive design. Eventual impacts of such will obviously be felt at the social and economic levels with an overall sustainance of the ecosystem. Using recycled materials to build is also categorized in this group.

Photograph display of a green building. This building has bee made using straw, a material from harvested grains. This material has been recycled and used to build the house instead of burning it. It has reduced pollution fro smoke that would have emanated from burning of the bales of straw. The house is insulated from excessive heat, as the material does not conduct heat. The house is heap to come up with and less harmful to the environment. The example is available at

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