Essay: Granting of the Royal Assent in Canadian Law

12 Oct

Essay: Granting of the Royal Assent in Canadian Law

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The day when both houses learn of the written assent is regarded as the one the assent has been granted. The traditional system requires the house to be adjourned for some time to allow the members to attend to the ceremony (Michael).

The governor general gives the assent at the ceremony after which the bill becomes a fully-fledged law immediately on that day after the assent or after a period specifically indicated by the governor of the council. The famous anti-spam bill received the royal assent on December 15, 2010 under Canada statutes 2010, c 23(Michael). However he bill did not become a law immediately after assent as certain legal technicalities were to be involved in enforcement giving it a period of six to eight months before its fruition is seen.

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