Essay: Good Working Environment For Businesses

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In order to ensure a good working environment for the hotels and other forms of businesses in the different industries, various laws and bylaws are necessary. A number of bi-laws and law have been implemented to ensure that the entry and operation of businesses. Nigeria has a general weakness when it comes to its law enforcement agencies.

The law enforcement agencies are supposes to ensure that the existing laws in the hotel industry are adhered to. The general challenge being faced by hotel in Nigeria is the general weakness by various stakeholders in the industry and the inability of various arms of government to adequately enforce the law and where necessary punish the law breakers. The general failure to enforce laws and ensure transparency in Nigeria has led to the decline in the growth rate of the Nigerian hotel industry (Lodging Industry 2007). Vices such as corruption at different levels of management of different forms have greatly harmed the growth of the hotel industry. Such efforts have led to the continued poor performance of various business industries in the country.

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