Essay: His Girl Friday

3 Nov

Essay: His Girl Friday

Sample Essay

His Girl Friday is a comedy film by Howard Hawks starring Hildy who is an ex-wife of Walter Burns and is now planning to marry Bruce Baldwin. Hildy is a woman who although tries to behave like one of the men finds herself in conflicting situations and thus behaves like a woman.

She is seen crying like women do and at a time she is mocked for her funny hat but brags just like women telling everybody the fortune she spend for it. Despite being a woman and sometimes behaving like one, Hildy is established at once as “one of the boys” (Hawks) showing that the film is among the major paradoxes evidenced in American cinema- the fact that social change images can be incorporated in the films frustrating and denying such changes. Through Hildy, the enthralling image of sexual relationship that has its basis on equality but not exploitation is shown. Hildy is seen to achieve political-sexual uniformity through her economic independence, creative energy and intelligence.

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