Essay: Use of gestures in teaching

18 Oct

Essay: Use of gestures in teaching

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Teachers can make use of gestures and simplified. If the activity is the first one with the particular students, the teachers may describe themselves first as a way of activity introduction and describe some students. Described students are required to stand up hence acknowledging comprehending the input.

Relatively highly advanced students may be shown some picture for example, of a woman standing in a stage, wearing a yellow top. The teacher may ask yes-no questions like, “Is the woman wearing a green top?” If the student gets the question then the answer should be “no.”

The structural point of view points holds that proficiency in language is like a system of related sections structurally. Structural view supports language proficiency that is achieved by the understanding of the structural elements which include lexical items, grammar and its operations, and phonological and grammatical units.

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