Essay: Germany’s strategies for creating European crises

14 Oct

Essay: Germany’s strategies for creating European crises

Sample Essay

The solders and the Germany general staff had some strategies to create the European crisis through by unleashing the European war. This was done in the year 1912. The politicians of this country were involved in the entire formation of these strategies. It was argued that the senior officials for example the chancellor was also involved. This idea was not given special attention since their was no follow up to the decision this made many organisation and government to feel that perhaps the Germany had the second thoughts in strategies.

Most people still discredited views of the government involvement in the war. Germany is believed to engage in war mainly to capture major towns and territories for example in morocco and the annexation of Bosnia Herzegovina which was a region which was heavily populated with Serbs. Other factors which made Germany to react were: nationalism, expansionism and the imperialism especially in the European nations.

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