Essay: General Perspective of Hotels in England and Nigeria

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Food and accommodation have closely been associated with the hotel industry for to a very great extend. The fact that hotels are widely known to be eating joints does not mean that hotels are restricted to the provision of food related services alone. Instead, hotels, all over the world do provide very dynamic services that were in the recent past not associated with the hotels industry. Different classifications are used in attempting to ensure that the location, name and cost of services to be received in the specified hotel is determined by the name or class associated with the hotel category in question.

            Accommodation has been one of the strong departments in some hotels. A number of people all over the world have also been known to have lived in hotels for a very greater part of their lives and in fact turned the hotels into their homes either as permanent or semi permanent residence. Richard Harris, an actor, lived in a hotel for the entire period that he was in the United Kingdom, London. Staying in a hotel means that one either pays for the accommodation a lone or may pot to receive all services from the hotel such as food, accommodation, utilization of recreational facilities among other benefits that may be available in the hotel. In the United Kingdom, the term hotel does not have the exact meaning with the meaning accorded to the terminology in Nigeria. Never the less, the concept of hotel industry in the two countries is similar.

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