Essay: Gender Based Wage Gap Issues

13 Feb

Essay: Gender Based Wage Gap Issues

Sample Essay

Another issue that pertains to the increase in the gender inequality in the work place is the issue pertaining to the wage gap between the men and the women employees. Although the percentage of the women employed in the work force has increased from 30 percent in the 18950s to almost 47% now, the discrimination in terms of pay and remuneration is still present in the industry.

This discrimination tends to allot a higher degree of rewards to the male workforce than the female work force. By 2001 the women in the workforce were earning about 76percent of what was being earned by the men. This put the ratio of women remuneration to be three forth that of the men. This was regardless of the fact that women were putting in overtime or more working hours. Women tend to be even paid lower than the men in the occupations that are predominantly oriented towards the females. “One of the things that make this development especially dramatic and significant is that the recent changes contrast markedly with the relative stability of earlier years. On the other hand, there is still a gender pay gap. Women continue to earn considerably less than men on average, and the convergence that began in the late 1970s slowed noticeably in the 1990s” (Blau and Kahn, 2007)

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