Essay: Free will of Humans

12 Feb

Essay: Free will of Humans

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In the basic sense of the word it is possible for people to have free will as it is entirely in their power which decisions they make in life and how they go about living their life. The process of cognition and decision making is normally based on preconceived and already existent factors, however a person who is exercising free will tend to make decision based on his preference only.

People who favor free will tend to not be dissuaded from their choice by the factors in the environment. Therefore in such a manner it is possible for humans to have free will. However on the other hand it is possible the previous action and events as well as cultural and environmental factors also do play a large role in the cognition and the decision making of a person, but the degree to which these factors ca influence the decision making is entirely dependent on the orientation of the human being. As a result the most appropriate theory which can combine both the concepts of free will and determinism is the theory of compatibilism.

The theory of compatibilsm states that it is possible for there ti eist free will to the extent that the decisions being made are not being influenced by socio cultural or environmental factors. “There may be repercussions or consequences for our actions so that a person might want to say something like “I am not free to rob a bank and by that mean that if they did they would be pursued and captures and imprisoned. If persons have free will they can make the choice to rob a bank and flee capture.” (Pecorino, 2001)

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