Essay: Framework In Teaching A Second Language

24 Oct

Essay: Framework In Teaching A Second Language

Sample Essay

A number of theories on learning and teaching of languages especially the second and other foreign languages have been proposed over and over in the past. These theories are usually influenced by developments in linguistics and psychology.

These developments have inspired numerous approaches to the learning and teaching of a second and foreign language.

In this attempt of defining this framework, there is need to define the three fundamental terms approach, design and procedure. Approach is the theories and beliefs concerning the teaching, language learning and language that underlie a given second learning teaching method (Richards & Rodgers 1985: 16). Design deals with implementation of learning and theories of language in a given syllabus model, the learning and teaching activities and learning resources in the classroom (Richards & Rodgers 1985: 16). Procedure entails the techniques and practices that are employed in the classroom as an outcome or consequence of a particular approach and design (Richards & Rodgers 1985: 16). Procedure is mainly a translation of an approach and design onto actual teaching or learning as a series of step by step activities in a classroom.

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