Essay: Foreign Policy of President Bush; Neo-conservatism

24 Oct

Essay: Foreign Policy of President Bush; Neo-conservatism

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However, Bush had other options like finding Osama bin Laden alive and take him before a jury which he dint consider. One may be left wondering why Afghanistan was being attacked by president bush but its quiet open to know that Iraq could have been the main target.

This was because they wanted to control Iraq ever since Saddam Hussein occupation in 1990 and it was getting stronger and stronger (Michael 2004).The world has countries and we have inequalities within and without, these include resources which are not evenly distributed. This has made people and countries to fight. America has had its share of disadvantage when it comes to war. Terrorism has taken roots in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq where people use jihads as a means of communicating disappointment (Rice 2002).

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